Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Using my Scan n Cut for Ornaments - Sparkle Ornaments

Yes still not doing much of anything - playing with  my scan n cut to make ornaments - glitter ornaments using the minwax polycrylic (home depot)  and cheap glitter - then making vinyl cuts of text or pictures to put onto them

The first one I tried was the grinch - then realized I should be using transfer film as I messed up trying to match up the mouth and eyes  -what you need to do is  first weed out all the vinyl  you do not  need leaving the image - then use the transfer film/tape to pick up the image and then put onto the ornament - I think I went wild on Saturday and Sunday once I learned how to do it

Need to clean up studio and bring down all the liquids so they do not freeze during the winter - kinda disappointing since now I am feeling a lot better

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Still Missing in Action -

But feeling much better - even going through the studio and thinking of destashing a few things - will post on the face book  pages  https://www.facebook.com/groups/glasstools4sale/   mostly u.s. based but some Canadians are hanging out in hopes of posts. 

I have a Carlisle CC torch up for sale  900.00 cdn
 and just sold a Covington Wet Belt Sander -

Going through things and seeing what I may have double of or not want especially coming to terms that I am not going to get to use them -  I think   there may be a couple of  carlisle mini torches and a nortel minor  as well as a mega minor torch, possibly an osg 15 with tank , going up soon and possibly a slab saw - so keep your eyes open - I'll also post here as well as that facebook group

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Missing in Action - hoping to make a comeback this weekend

Well its been almost 6 weeks  since I contracted shingles - up the back left side of my head
THE PAIN ! was almost unbearable - throbbing pain , could not touch my head or hair , sensitive , burning sensation, headaches, no sleep -

the first day (a thursday) my back of the head was swollen - lumpy - went to clinic right away - they diagnosed swollen lymph nodes  (did not even look at my scalp but felt it )  gave me  antibiotics  nothing for the pain

I was off  the friday and I was suffering in bed Thursday night, Friday, Saturday, Sunday - I got up monday in extreme pain, my eyes watering and took myself to work wher eI finally gave up and went to the hospital  at noon where I waited 4 hours - I had shingles once before but around the waist - if it wasn't for the commercials on TV I would never have even thought  I could get anywhere else - so I asked the dr if I possibly had shingles and he agreed .  so toss the antibiotics and got virals and pain medication -  let me tell you the pain meds did nothing - even doubled as he said to take if it didnt work.  I took 1 day off and went back to work - taking advil during the day as the pain meds made me tired and woozy

eventually  each week now its better - last week I could go almost all day without any advil and most of the pain gone - can brush my hair and even get a good nights sleep so I am hoping I will get back into the mood to do something at the studio soon - I left off with not testing that etching cream which will lead me back to  trying out my butterfly wing stamp on dichro and getting some of those done

so hoping to be back into the swing of things

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Rustoleum Etching Cream

Never heard about it till someone mentioned in a thread on facebook in the Cricut create Canada
evidently available at lowes, Cdn Tire and Home depot  but maybe not all  of them

evidently a 1 quart  is only 23$   WAAAAAAAY cheaper than the etchall cream (there is also something called batch and ceramic etch as well - need to check that out )

going to track some down - check the prices and try it out  will let you all know

tried Home depot in my area, lowes, canadian tire - nada - but found this in aurora  which is not too  far to go

Reno Depot   946ML  for  33.59  (and a small discount )  over 2lbs  (over 32oz) of product -

on amazon.ca  armour etch 10oz is  45.00 and the small bottle at michaels is about the same

so now to get my hands on some and try it out  its located off the 404 at exit 45   where the walmart is - probably not till the weekend

Monday, June 12, 2017

Great Show

Hoping I am starting to feel better -  the show was great - and feeling enthused - need to make about 30 of the candle holders for July 8-9  for next show and more plates - was a bright - sunny - hot day

Friday, June 2, 2017

Very Sick and have got nothing done

Still haven't finished coloring and sealing my plates - haven't made any candles - no lampworking  - basically nothing done - sick with pneumonia  off and on but still went to work -thought I was done and the cough came back last night  and I have a show next week
the Art In the Park - in Stouffville   on June 10  ( what a way to spend my birthday )

I need to get things together this weekend  for the show   - its only a one day and I should be ok
but saturday only nice day to cut the grass as well  so will see how I feel to get things finished up - so want to make about 25 candles but I have not been able to get to my  glass places to pick up the tempered glass .

I am just not that enthusiastic about anything -   Have 3 shows set up
stouffville June 10 - Art in the park 1 day
July 8-9 Purple turtle in Sutton
July 23 - cottage country  1 day in peterboro

and I think thats it for the year

I've done 1 class   prepping for a 2nd possibly this month depends on people availability for a 2nd fusing class in Pickering

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

coloring tempered glass - did not get far

Only 5 purple and one blue/green stil have a stack to go
got detoured on such a nice and day and was cutting the grass -  no horses so I needed to get about an acre or so cut  before it starts to really grow for the year 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Alcohol Inks on Tempered Glass and rearranging the studio

I reorganized my corner where I fuse - prepped for hot water to realize the outside hose needs fixing and some parts and the filter that goes on needs parts - so that is for next week -  got my pottery wheel in place and tried it out - not for long but long enough -

I have 6 sets of plates ready for color so today  started - there are 5 different sizes from each batch so  30 plates in all to get done - I tend to do all five in one color then move over to next color  so I have a few done only about 27 more to go from this huge batch

so first color is my purple mix I like - then there will be the blue /green etc... till Im done then I'll seal them all with epoxy
my back is killing me today from moving things around so not sure how long I'll keep this up - I do want to be finished by end of the day  so that next week I can do the epoxy

I was happy with my new set up its not running over my lampwork table area as I walk in the door - so now my rack for the molds is getting ready - and space for my hot water heater is in on a rack above the floor - brought up a bin of pottery colors to use and my alcohol inks 
the shelving I made last year - still have about two more levels to go 

the white rack is perfect for beside the sink - and the bottom rack holds the hot water tank above the floor level but close enough to the sink to work out perfectly - but I need parts to finish this job 

the microwave will be moved as I want the rack for more of my molds that are stored under another shelf at the back - the light will move to be more over the table - all those white buckets are full of tempered glass and I'll have more tomorrow from one of my suppliers he said he has lots - and the orange (one has tempered in ) but are for making the candles - which you can see one on the side of the table 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Fused Tempered Glass Plates - 4th batch in

3rd batch out last night and 4th batch in
excuse the mess I still have not quite cleaned up certain sections of my studio for the season - just jumping in and getting the kiln running was a chore

I have a pottery class tonight so I'll get them out late and hopefully another batch in late

Monday, April 17, 2017

Studio cleaning - getting another load into the kiln- finding my pottery wheel

Well I got my 2nd batch out and put a 3rd batch in on Sunday -

 Plain for now till I get coloring them next weekend

tonight is 3rd batch out and 4th batch into the kiln

cleaning front area - moved my shelving around so I can move the kiln a bit more on an angle so I can get my wet belt sander beside the sink - and arrange for my hot water on demand  unit - space -  I need to install hopefully by the time I can turn the water on next week

I made my way to the back and dragged out my potters wheel I bought in 2005  and never used - now that I am taking lessons I am for sure going to use - hoping the weather stays  above zero here
found some of my pottery tools as well 

and I think I'll bring down about 4 of the pails to start making some candles at the house as I need at least 70°F for the epoxy to cure properly  - I have one left over from last year I just need to seal 
as I am going to need a min of 50 of these at least for my summer show 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Pottery night - non wheel class

I can use the wheel but I am just having some fun building clay with my hands rather than throwing

my piece from last week is a turtle pot stand
he needs to be painted but so far he has been fired

but last week throwing class  I did two pieces - the first was wayyyyy better than the second flop

so this week we get to clean and prep the pots for firing 
these ones are done with low fire clay so I get to possibly paint what I want  with different paints 
having fun 

Monday, April 10, 2017

First Big Kiln Batch - Plates - of ;the season - the kiln is on !

Yes I toured up to the studio - what a lovely  evening - still a tad chilly in the studio but outside was warm -
I mixed some fresh kiln wash  and did up the molds and then filled them with hardly any blood spilled.

Hoping to take out tomorrow night after pottery class and possibly fill and run again 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Toner Foil applicaton and Printing on tissue for decoupage

What to share a couple of techniques for this week
the first I did a long time ago but they had a little class at the Scrapfest we attended yesterday - and that is using a laser /toner printed image  and then using that with heat foils and a laminator

I have a color laser printer so printed the images in black -  I have a regular laminator - a Scotch brand that is about 30.00 at Walmart
Put the heat on the highest which is the 5mil button

I dont have any carriers so I used deli paper  (unwaxed paper) to sandwich it in so that the heat goes all to the foil rather than soaked up in regular paper

I had some pieces left from the class in red and a small piece of gold

so I printed the Happy birthday first - then the feather - then the mandala and ran them through the laminator

In love with the technique - so anything you can print in black you can coat with the foil - it adheres to the toner (wont work on ink jet )

Next I was wanting some specific images for my journal - on tissue  so I googled and found something where you took some temp movable glue - so I tried my fabric temporary spray glue 
worked - the trick is to get as smooth as possible - I tried rolling but I think if I use something like a rolling pin to wrap around it may go down smoother - but even with wrinkles it came out ok -  I used my laser printer - but I think the heat from the rollers for the toner - made it pretty impossible to take off - so I used my heat gun and it came off quite easily - but I am going to try my ink jet if I ever get it connected to my pc  
turned out great - I can tear or cut and put in my journal or use for decoupage - so I am now able to make my own tissue images in black and white and in color 

Friday, April 7, 2017

Started pottery throwing class last night

I started my pottery throwing class last night
pretty wonky pieces but I had a ton of fun -  I think that pottery wheel I have stashed at the back of the studio is going to be coming out this spring (not like I dont have a ton of other things to do )

the first piece I made came out rather well  but the 2nd piece - went wonky and almost lost it -

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Getting Kiln Ready for 1st load of the season

I dint get too far last night - cleaned out the kiln  (had patter plates and lava cloth in kiln from last batch of wine bottles -
I leave the shelves about 1 inch off the floor and the shelves are washed but I also leave the thicker blanket on in case I can fit something between the molds 

got out the  molds I want to use and cleaned them off - now to  put fresh  wash on them - but didnt have water up at the studio yet - then got detoured at the house

so I set up the molds in the kiln for set up
so wont get a chance tonight to wash them   or fill as I have a pottery class in oshawa till 9pm and wont be home till 10 

and I bought a small on demand hot water unit for the studio so I'll have hot water this year - will work on setting up shelf next week to place it  on and the  hoses so I can just hook up when the weather is for sure warmer

Monday, March 27, 2017

Re Melting the Gelatin plates

After I played with marbleing  - I decided to re melt my  gelatin to reform them -  the large one I made and was uneven so I decided on a slightly smaller pan  so I would have a nice thick piece to work with

cut it up and put into a glass bowl and put in microwave till it all melted - mixed it up and poured into my teflon pan 

the mark on the pan is a burn mark - nothing to do with the gelatin - poured it in - then ran a piece of newsprint over top to get rid of any bubbles - let sit on my stove that is pretty level  till it gelled - then put into the fridge to speed the firming up 

used a shap knife around edges and pulled it out - with my hand supporting it and layed it out on the rubbermaid serving tray (has a lid)  - nice and thick about 1/2" this time and pretty even 

later I did my 5x7  - remelted and repoured it back into the container 

More Gelatin Plate fun - and clean up at the studio time

I played again with the Gelatin plates I made about 4 weeks ago -  using twine to create cool marbling effect paper

and I got out on Saturday and cleared paths to my kiln and other work benches  to start the season 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

More Gelatin Plate fun

Reading up on how to use the plate better - and having fun - currently using a better quality acrylic - liquitex  for now but going to try the dollar store paints - and Americana tole paints as well - and this will lead to my glass I am hoping to use enamels on the gelatin to glass squares and see what happens - excited about this  part - just wishing the weather was warmer
this one I took a 2nd pull from same colors after I took the first image and then took the stencil off 

this one I did two colors then set  images I cut from my stencils and placed them on and then brayered another color over so you can see the silhouettes  

this one I used two colors and a brayer and set my stencil on and got the resist image 

I am noticing some little tears in the gel - but Like I said if it gets bad I can remelt it and maybe get it level this time and the glycerin keeps it from  going bad (so I am told) so this prototype is to see how long it will last - I read some where they have had theirs for over a year and half - using , remelting and reusing and so far so great

I made such a huge piece - 10x 15 ?   so I could use full pieces of 8-1/2 by 11 sheet -

the cost to make this size was  about 22.00 for all the materials which were glycerin and knox gelatin  
 I wanted to try it out and see if it was worth it  (and it is )

now the real gelli plates cost  for a 12 x 14  3/8" thick is 65.69 u.s. amazon canada has one for 88.00 plus 30.00 shipping  so 128.00 cdn

so the 20.00  is pretty great  although the gelli plates are made from a

I do want to make a smaller one  more like 5 x 7  but I am going to find the storage box first - I lucked out on having the rubbermaid flat cake tray that fits this large piece beautifully

they also have round and square ones too -

so the recipe again is :

find a container you will use -(plastic or a non stick surface  so it pops out easier )  you want about  3/4" deep is best - make sure it doenst have a center mark - you want a smooth bottom as some people reverse these and use the bottom instead of the top -  even a baking sheet - its just hard to move after being full - but its was going to be my first choice till I found the huge pan with deep sides -
set it on a place where you can see if its level  or the fridge shelf - check if level - it can sit out to set but takes longer

so pour water into the container  measuring  to see how many cups to get a thick piece

so making my  9 x 13  I used 4 cups of liquid
so 1/2 is boiling water and 1/2 is glycerin
and the ratio of gelatin is  2 tbsp per cup

4 cups liquid total
2 cups glycerine
2 cups boiling water
8 tbsp  gelatin powder  (I just put into a container and scooped ) but it worked out to 10 packets

in a measuring cup
pour 2 cups of glycerin
add the 8 tbsp of knox gelatin powder and mix - and mix till it looks thoroughly mixed

I had a big measuring cup but I moved the glycerin and gelatin mixture to a bigger mixing bowl so I could mix it well without spilling  ( I have one of those betty crocker red mixing bowls with a spout and handle )

then I poured in 2 cups of boiling water and mixed and mixed - you need to disolve all the gelatin - which has a tendency to go t the bottom of the bowl so use a spoon and keep mixing and checking to see if anything at bottom of the bowl

once done just pour into the  container you want to set you gel in

now next time  I am going to put a bit of baby oil around the edges to see if I dont have to use the knife - not that it did any damage (they say you can use baby oil to clean up the  surface as well )  you dont need on the bottom as it lifts off the base

now some say t leave out - some just pop in fridge - the fridge sets faster
I left overnight  till when I got home from work just to be sure it was set

I used an exacto to go around edges as its thin worked fine -  thinking maybe baby oil will keep it from sticking  but you need to raise one corner to release the suciton  - if you screw this up and cut it or tear it into pieces just put it back into your mixing bowl and put into the microwave and nuc it till its liquid again and repour

so far its great - I just dont know what I'm doing in the way of painting and colors as yet but there is a wealth of videos out there to get a gel plate

I want to use every night for a week just to see what happens to the gel plate - but again for what I am doing I dont want to spend 120

so still playing with this ongoing tester

I may make a smaller one too with the leftover glycerin and gelatin I bought - and I found a rectangular glass container about 5 x7  which may work very well

Monday, March 13, 2017

Trying out the gelatin plate

So got to try out my gelatin plate I went around sides with exacto blade and it came out pretty easily once you released sides Of course I thought I had it level but no its thinner on one side pretty flexible when handling Found the perfect container a rubber maid flatware cake container Let's me set paper under the bottom so I can see below Tried a tester worked great I'm total new to this and love the way it lifts the patterns I'm a bit heavy handed with the paint Clean up a breeze as its acrylic and can wipe the gel clean with a baby wipe Although I see I was also heavy handed rolling with the braver and pushing the paper down Good news is clean it and put back in pan and heat it up and it will melt and reset again